Take the 2A Pledge

As modern political debate edges ever closer to complete and outright infringement upon the God-given,
inalienable rights delineated in the United States Constitution, and codified there for our protection, the 2A Patriot
PAC has determined the time has come for private citizens, civil rights activists, and elected officials to publicly
declare where they stand in defense of the Second Amendment.
As a private citizen, an activist working to protect citizen rights delineated in the United States Constitution,
and/or as an elected official representing the people of my district, I pledge to:

1. Unequivocally assert the individual right to keep and bear arms without infringement, as written in the
Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, supported later by the Fourteenth Amendment,
and upheld in the modern era by the United State Supreme Court in the District of Columbia v Heller and
McDonald v City of Chicago decisions;
2. Reject and vote against any legislation further infringing, limiting, or regulating private ownership of
firearms; and,
3. Defend the ideological stance asserting the Second Amendment clearly preserves the right of individuals
to stand armed in defense of life, property, or in rebellion against a tyrannical government.

United, we pledge to work together to ensure no individual, institution, or government be allowed to infringe
upon the Bill of Rights or the legitimate exercise of public governance that has made the United States an
historically free nation, with opportunity to preserve life, own – and defend – private property, enjoy civil liberties,
and pursue happiness in the framework of the American Dream.

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