Forbes: New Shoot United Effort Welcomes Shooters Of All Kinds

In the 1984 film Red Dawn (48 percent on the Tomatometer), director John Milius harnesses Cold War tensions with a portrayal of a joint Russian and Cuban invasion of the central part of the United States. A band of teenagers led by Patrick Swayze and C. Thomas Howell marshal a team of guerrilla fighters who help repel the Red invaders. Really, who could forget it?

While the film wasn’t billed as a comedy, the joke was on Hollywood as the Academy Award-nominated Milius—himself well-known as an avid shooter and fine gun collector—must have figured that he could sell anything to a studio if he was able to peddle the preposterous notion of a Russian invasion of the American heartland. Such a move would be tantamount to the single greatest intelligence failure in Russian history.

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